Valvoline grid girl

" If not to mention that the race craft was spot on, but also reminiscing over the epic position changes and challenges spawn throughout the race leaving most gasping for breath and gripping there steering wheels with vice like intention.



DTM 05

With the first round of the Champions league less than a month away, we thought that we would bring you up to speed and divulge a bit of history on one of the worlds most iconic circuits.


porsche 934 turbo rsr

With the crew taking to " multi-class" like a duck takes to water, it looks like our endurance format is here to stay! Last week saw the GT2 Predators take on the might of the Audi P1 a combination that proved to be very enjoyable at Paul Ricard and thus leaving the drivers wanting more. …


ausnz tuesday thunder premotional flyer

Who's up for the challenge this week? 18 NOVEMBER 2018 - SDEMONNZ This Tuesday Aus-NZ Racing hosts another of our ever popular Tuesday Thunder events, and this week its sure to test out our "Heroes of the Virtual Tarmac" We take three somewhat over-hormoned classic powerhouses in the form of the GTO Classics and pit …


AusNZ WTCR flyer showing the Alfa on the main straight at monza from a side on view

The WTCR technical regulations cater for front-wheel-drive, four/five-door saloons or hatchbacks using turbocharged production engines with a capacity of between 1750-2000cc and with a maximum power output of 350bhp. I have to say so far the  WTCR has produced some of the closest racing to date bringing unparalleled parity to the group. With the combination  …


BMW DTM 2016 car image accross Silverstone GP

JOINING OUR DISCORD CHANNEL IS REQUIRED , as it is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements. Being in the “Race” voice channel during an event is mandatory for the driver briefing and in case of technical difficulties. Please click here to join us on discord!! * We do expect all drivers to treat each other …