Hey guy’s!
My name is Heath (</>)
I was thinking as how best to define the use of our code channels and it came to me that we never did.
First of all welcome to [CMG]!
A few years ago when I was heavily into computers and was wanting to learn how to code. I asked an app developer by the name of Jim Britton aka (Mr Balowski “Crew Chief”) what was the best code to learn? He said don’t choose a code! choose a project you want to create. The code will then choose you. (Wow!) Did not get that till 2 years later. “Man I could of saved so much time if I understood that”
Anyway the thing is I tried lots of different code, failed a lot . But still had a passion to learn programming. It’s fun, It’s cool and the only limitation is your imagination. “Starting to get off topic here.”
So if you have a love for Computers. “Which you do!” And the fact that your reading this proves that. It doesn’t really matter that you don’t code. If you have a problem an need an answer to a question no matter how trivial, then by all means drop a line on our discord server. We have a lot of experience in our group as a whole. I’m sure we can work as a team to provide the answers you seek. It’s open to everyone . [CMG]Admin



Well to say its been a while is an understatement.” But finally found a few minutes to catch you up on whats been going on. The new [CMG] Bot is well and truly on its way, supported features include.

Member Join and leave notification’s,

Added – API request.

Random json_data Zenquotes return response text as (quote and Author).

Variables added for encouragement message, In response to sad text.

The ability to update message responses added through discord channel.

A delete function added to remove encouragement messages through discord.

A responding value (true/false) to turn off notifications.

#Server side functions.

Added – Created Web Server (responding to up time limitations of and requests (60 min’s)) in which it will enter sleep. function added to keep bot running continuously , which pings the bot every five mins. So as to never enter sleep stage.

Updated responding messages server-side.

Guild count added.

The bot is still under development, and we are all looking forward to see how it progresses over the coming year. If this kind of stuff sparks your interest then by all means come on and say g’day just click here to join us on discord.

Raistlin</code> [Admin]