Hey guy’s!
My name is Heath (</>)
I was thinking as how best to define the use of our code channels and it came to me that we never did.
First of all welcome to [CMG]!
A few years ago when I was heavily into computers and was wanting to learn how to code. I asked an app developer by the name of Jim Britton aka (Mr Balowski “Crew Chief”) what was the best code to learn? He said don’t choose a code! choose a project you want to create. The code will then choose you. (Wow!) Did not get that till 2 years later. “Man I could of saved so much time if I understood that”
Anyway the thing is I tried lots of different code, failed a lot . But still had a passion to learn programming. It’s fun, It’s cool and the only limitation is your imagination. “Starting to get off topic here.”
So if you have a love for Computers. “Which you do!” And the fact that your reading this proves that. It doesn’t really matter that you don’t code. If you have a problem an need an answer to a question no matter how trivial, then by all means drop a line on our discord server. We have a lot of experience in our group as a whole. I’m sure we can work as a team to provide the answers you seek. It’s open to everyone . [CMG]Admin


Few would fined it hard to disagree that this was a magical era for Formula one. It just had so many potential world champions contesting for the world title with the likes of, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Jean Alesi,  Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, but to name a few. So combining iconic elements such as BrandsHatch GP and FR90 makes for a heart pounding adrenaline fueled combination that just say’s fucking WOW!

[CMG] Admin