Hey guy’s!
My name is Heath (</>)
I was thinking as how best to define the use of our code channels and it came to me that we never did.
First of all welcome to [CMG]!
A few years ago when I was heavily into computers and was wanting to learn how to code. I asked an app developer by the name of Jim Britton aka (Mr Balowski “Crew Chief”) what was the best code to learn? He said don’t choose a code! choose a project you want to create. The code will then choose you. (Wow!) Did not get that till 2 years later. “Man I could of saved so much time if I understood that”
Anyway the thing is I tried lots of different code, failed a lot . But still had a passion to learn programming. It’s fun, It’s cool and the only limitation is your imagination. “Starting to get off topic here.”
So if you have a love for Computers. “Which you do!” And the fact that your reading this proves that. It doesn’t really matter that you don’t code. If you have a problem an need an answer to a question no matter how trivial, then by all means drop a line on our discord server. We have a lot of experience in our group as a whole. I’m sure we can work as a team to provide the answers you seek. It’s open to everyone . [CMG]Admin

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