What’s up, it’s Mod Corvid from CMG! This the latest updates for what’s happening in the Gaming side of our server.

Our general happenings are just relaxing, jumping into voice chat with our mates and playing some games – we have a place to stream, with our most recent streams being a play through of Dark Souls III.

For events, we’re scheduling training sessions for Rainbow Six Siege, as well as potential Racing events, forming teams for Clash in League of Legends and out most recent addition being a dedi modded Survival Multiplayer for Minecraft, Streamed by multiple members of CMG.

The server boasts 81 mods centered around Fantasy-Tech, with popular mods like Create, Wyrmroost, Astral Sorcery, Botania and many more mods that add adventure and quality of life to the Minecraft Play-through. The aim is to create full player run settlement, with everyone full filling certain jobs in civilisation – or living in the dirt with nothing but a back pack and willpower.

Come join the server to get into the action! Just click here to join us on discord. Look forward to meeting you soon..

xCorvidae Admin [CMG]

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