Volkswagen ID.R Time Attack

We at Sector3 Studios were very proud when Volkswagen Motorsport entrusted us with carrying a project that consisted in several firsts for us: It is the first appearance of a fully electric race car in the RaceRoom simulator, and our team has worked miracles to deliver physics and sound engines modifications to support this. It is also the first time that we have worked on creating a virtual rendition of a car that didn’t exist yet. We have worked hand in hand with the Volkswagen team, looking at the data and telemetry from the Pikes Peak ID.R, and extrapolating the new handling characteristics that this brand new long tail / low drag version of the ID.R would bring. 

YouTube™ Video: ID. R Time Attack – Challenge Romain Dumas on the Nordschleife Views: 138Not only Romain Dumas will have the opportunity to drive the ID. R on the Nordschleife. Racing fans can as of now compare themselves to the pro – virtually speaking, that is.

Once the real car has been on the Nordschleife, we will receive actual telemetry and will be able to fine-tune the simulation of all its characteristics.

Sadly for us, the DRS unit was added to the real car in the last weeks and couldn’t possibly be added in-game in time for the start of this competition. We will however bring it in a later RaceRoom update.

You can now judge the result of all this work in the Time Attack challenge that is now available in RaceRoom :

You will find Romain Dumas in the leaderboard, as he could record some laptimes in the brand new RaceRoom 3Motion rig from the Nürburgring Boulevard ( )

Dumas is also an avid simracer and you’ll probably need to work hard to beat him on that leaderboard! He’s waiting for the challenge.

Also, make sure to check out Jimmy Broadbent’s review of the VW ID.R in RaceRoom:

YouTube™ Video: Smashing A Nordschleife Record In An Insane Electric Prototype Views: 12,248Eerily quiet and eerily fast…what a machine! If you enjoy the video then please hit that like button! F.A.Q. – Enter discount code “Broadbent” to get 10% off racing…

Update details:
Download size = ca 100 MB
Client version = 
Client BuildID = 3764446

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  • Added Volkswagen ID.R “Long Tail”.



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