“Wow !” That’s one way to describe it. Overall there was lots of great individual battles between all drivers and makes and models. Drivers had everything to contend with from  penalty’s to  shitty race-craft.

A quick note on the latter, “I won’t tolerate people who do not respect other drivers” We do this for fun and there is not a world title on the line!  This will not be repeated! if you take some one out, then re-address the situation. or fined yourself another group! Race hard but fair, the race is not won on the first corner but certainly can be lost there.

As a general observation its good to see the skill levels of all drivers improving week by week and looking forward to the up and coming  rounds. The WTCC  series takes us to Hungaroring next week which should prove pretty tough on tyres and driver as its simple to learn but hard to master. “lets make it fun” look forward to seeing you all there.

WTCC 2013 Overall results


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