WTCC 2013 in 2018

The AUS/NZ Racing community are recreating the experience of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) season of 2013. AUS/NZ Racing community will be hosting their second major event for 2018, and all Raceroom Racing Experience (R3E) drivers are welcome, conditions do apply.

We will be visiting ten tracks over a five month period. Each race meeting will consist of a  qualifying session, then two thirty minute races. Second race will be a full reverse grid from the results of the first race. This will certainly make for interesting racing and great race spectating.

We will be using the WTCC 2013 season cars. The setup will be fixed to keep the balance equal.

So, do you have the need, the need for speed and close racing?

If that is a Yes, then head on over to our Discord channel and make yourself known to the Admins. The Admins will provide you with the details about the championship and what is required to be able to participate in this great event.


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