Pit Report for 6th June 2018

Bathurst 1000 Round 1

The mountain tested the skills of nineteen drivers from the AUS/NZ Racing community making this event a great success. The race just went over one hour with majority of the field finishing on the lead lap, a sign of good clean racing and respect of the mountain gods.


Drivers had to put in a good qualifying lap in just fifteen minutes. Marc De Haro set the benchmark with an impressive time of 2:04.642 putting him on pole position. The top ten qualifying times spread over 2.7 seconds.

Position Driver Vehicle Best Lap
1. Marc De Haro Mercedes AMG GT3 2:04.642
2. Felix Kuperman Mercedes AMG GT3 2:05.389
3. Phillip Booth McLaren 650S GT3 2:05.537


The race start was relatively clean with a couple of minor incidents in the middle of the field. Everyone successfully completed a few laps and got their car into a rhythm for the one-hour event.

A small group of drivers that were excluded from qualifying, started from the back of the grid. This group made their way forward keeping it clean with the rest of the cars.

De Haro increased his lead on each lap with Kuperman giving it all to reduce this gap, it was futile as Kuperman had technical difficulties and his race came to end on lap 23.

Grant Patullo is the driver of the day, starting at the rear of the grid and quickly moved into eighth position after the first lap. Patullo moved through the field to finally into second position and was reducing the gap on De Haro.

The final five laps was only a couple of position changes. De haro finished first with a race time of 1:01:19.827, followed by Patullo with only trailing 9.784 seconds, and Heath Cockram follow 12.168 seconds later over the finish line who also got the best lap time of the race with a 2:05.274.

We had a few drivers drop out for different reasons, but we hope this does not dampen their determination to get back on the track and have another go at conquering the mountain.

Podium Results

Position Driver Vehicle Best Lap Race Time
1. Marc De Haro Mercedes AMG GT3 2:05.335 1:01:19.827
2. Grant Patullo Nissan GT-R GT3 2:05.803 1:01:29.611
3. Heath Cockram Porsche 911 GT3 R 2:05.274 1:01:31.995

Full Bathurst 1000 race results can be viewed on RaceApp website.

Tuesday Thunder Wrap-Up

Open wheel racing would be a first for 2018, and on a fast small track of Falkenbergs Motorbana was a recipe for a close and fun race. With fifteen drivers rolling up with their crews and working hard in getting the best out of the Formula 3 cars.



Most of the drivers laid enough rubber down on the track, you would think the track was so sticky you would never come off. This was not the case, as most were pushing to see what the limit was of the open wheel car.

There was some confusion about fuel requirements, some suggestions of high and low fuel quantity. I think these were part of a strategy to put other drivers off their game. Stewards are reviewing the rule book to see if there is a ruling on this type of deception, stay tuned.


Most of the field qualified, with the top ten within under a second of the pole sitter Dee Deemarco who set an exciting time of 0:38.240 seconds.

Position Driver Vehicle Best Lap
1. Dee Deemarco Formual RaceRoom 3 0:38.240
2. Heath Cockram Formual RaceRoom 3 0:38.382
3. Grant Patullo Formual RaceRoom 3 0:38.745


Fifteen cars lined up on the grid what was to turn out to be an upsetting race for some of the leading cars. The start was clean with one or two leaving the track.

The field settled in and got on with putting in laps. Some of the winning strategies were obvious to stay on the track and keep your laps clean. Tyres played a big factor towards the latter half of the race, do you pit or do you stay out?

The mandatory pace car came out mid race on the 15 minute mark, this is a favourite feature of the AUS/NZ Racing Tuesday Thunder event. It wasn’t clear who pitted but it was going to be a tight finish either way.

The final five minutes is where the tyres were going beyond their used by date. Drivers were finding it hard to keep good lap speed and not lose control of their cars. The remaining cars made it across the line doing it just on thirty minutes or 44 laps. Brodie Steen finished first with the best race lap time of 0:38.160, with Grant Patullo and Chris Mackenzie also on the podium respectively.

Podium Results

Position Driver Vehicle Best Lap Race Time
1. Brodie Steen Formula RaceRoom 3 0:38.160 30:00.688
2. Grant Patullo Formula RaceRoom 3 0:38.320 30:08.886
3. Chris Mackenzie Formula RaceRoom 3 0:39.026 30:19.019

Full race results can be viewed on RaceApp website.

We had some casualties due to various reasons and it was a shame that not all did finish the race. Hope to see you all again at the next Tuesday Thunder.


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