Final , results picture with niissan GTR1, Bathurst Congratulations to the top 3 drivers.

The top ten is done

Well done to the top 3 drivers, good times were posted and it was a very close affair. Only hundredths of a second separated the top 5 drivers and thus producing great insight as to what the main event is going to be like. “WOW” can’t wait!

Final preparations are underway as the first event looms. Now would be a good time to start testing tyre wear and fuel usage. Though pit stops are not mandatory, strategy will play a big part of the race. Good luck to all drivers and we will see you track side soon enough.


Race Format :  

8 Manufacturers, 24 Drivers,  6 rounds, One mountain.

  • Mode: Get Real
  • Fuel: Normal
  • Damage On:
  • Cut Rules: Drive Through
  • Mandatory Pit Stop: Off
  • Tyre On: Normal
  • Mechanical Damage: On
  • Flag: Full
  • Race Series Format: RRE / Custom
  • Wrecker prevention: On
  • Racing Rules will be as per R3E full flag system
  • Fixed Setup

Race Length
Practice: 0 min
Qualifying: 15 min 
Race 60 min

Mode= Get Real,  Class= GT3 , Track= Bathurst

The following cars will not be available

  • RUF
  • Both Fords
  • Camaro
  • ZO5 Corvette
  • Audi Ultra
  • MP4 12C Maclaren
  • P4/5
  • BMW Z4

Race Requirements for VRP Draw

A minimum of four of the six rounds will need to be completed to be eligible for the VRP draw.

Standard Entry tickets

  • Round 1 and 2 ( attendance and completion ) = 2 entries per event ( total = 4)
  • Round 3 and 4 ( attendance and completion ) = 2 entries per event ( total = 4)
  • Round 5 and 6 ( attendance and completion ) = 4 entries per event ( total = 8)

Bonus Entry tickets

  • Entries awarded for position 1 = 3
  • Entries awarded for position 2 = 2
  • Entries awarded for position 3 = 1

Top ten shoot out

  • Entries awarded for position 1 = 3
  • Entries awarded for position 2 = 2
  • Entries awarded for position 3 = 1

Maximum amount of entry tickets = 28

Top 3 position of the shoot out will not be able to Qualify for any of the six races. They will start from the back of the grid.

Contested over 6 action-packed rounds, drivers will be asked to “Wrestle a Beast” and “Tame the Mountain” as they compete in Aus/NZ Racings first semi-serious competition.



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