Pit Report for 30th May 2018

Tuesday Thunder Wrap-Up

They came, they saw, they conquered the mighty NSW TTS Cup cars at Moscow Raceway sprint circuit. The drivers were challenged to keep these light nimble BMW look-a-like cars straight going around corners and avoiding scrubbing too much car speed.


The drivers gathered for practice session and putting in some impressive times with a power challenged car. Getting the gearing and suspension right was crucial as it could mean one thousand of second to your nearest competitor.


Andy L. was the pole sitter with an impressive four tenths faster on a 1:20.958 lap time. Those that did qualify, were spread over just under two seconds (1.730 sec). This was gearing up to be a very tight race around a short but wide Moscow race circuit.

Moscow Raceway Sprint Configuration


Thirteen cars lined up on the grid with their air-cooled engine out back breathing through the gap of the boot lid.

The start was very clean with some minor panel rubbing. The back sharp left hairpin turn is where it went pear shape for a few. Apologies from me to John B. as I was the instigator that missed the braking point and tapped John causing him to spin around in the wrong direction. Others close by collided or spun, to avoid all the chaos.

The front five were close and keeping their NSU within the powerband range as they accelerate out of the corners. Both Romeo S. and Dee. D fighting it out for first position on the track in the opening laps and Andy L. taking third from Heath C.

On the last corner of lap two Heath. C came in on the inside of Andy L. with both spinning to the inside of the start of the pit straight. On lap 6 a similar incident involving Chris M. and Michael K. on the final turn.

Midway through the race on lap 12, the field were bunched up again as the virtual safety car came out. This is a favourite feature for the AUS/NZ Racing community. Romeo S had control of the field and had them together ready for a rolling start prior to the last straight to the last corner.

There were a few minor incidents, but while these were all happening, Brodie S. moved through the field from the rear to take the lead with two laps to go till the end of the race.

All thirteen cars started finished the race of 22 laps in just over 31 minutes. The win and fastest lap of the race went to Brodie S. with a very close second Romeo S. trailing by just 0.127 of a second.

Podium Results

  1. Brodie S. – 1:20.329
  2. Romeo S. – 1:21.092
  3. Dee D. – 1:20.898

Full race result can be viewed on the RaceApp website.

A great race in the small NSU cars and there was a lot of laughter over the race radio during the race. Don’t forget, if you haven’t yet attended one of AUS/NZ Racing’s Tuesday Thunder, please feel free to contact us to learn more how to get involved. Thank you all and look forward to next Tuesday Thunder race.


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