Tuesday Thunder 29 May 2018 – Drive a Prince and you’re a king

Tuesday Thunder race meet on the 29 May, will be held at Moscow Raceway in the NSU TTS.

New and present members of Aus/NZ Racing community are welcome to join us.

Track: Moscow Raceway Sprint

Car: NSU TTS Cup (Prinz)

Server:  Aus-NZ Racing Fun Run

Start Time:  9.00pm New Zealand, 7.00pm AEST

Format:   Practice: 20 mins, Qualifying: 5 mins, Race: 30 mins

Mode:   Get real

Fuel Usage:     Normal

Tyre Wear:      Normal

Mandatory Cautions: @15 minutes

About the NSU TTS Cup

Advertised by NSU as “The car that leaps – yet hugs the ground”, this was a natural choice as a race or rally car in the late 60’s and already by the early 70’s the racing Prinz had earned a cult following.

Sporting a twin carburettor air cooled power plant, the racing spec TTS gives you 120 Hp at your right foot. With 60’es drum brakes fitted to stop you again, that is more than enough to keep life quite interesting on a full attack lap. This historic gem will reward smooth driving with focus on maintaining the momentum and nailing the perfect lines. But it has enough power to go sideways if that’s your style.

About Moscow Raceway

Moscow Raceway is the first Russian circuit built to hold international motorsport events. The track layout is short and technical, but the long back straight is built for slip-streaming and late brake manoeuvre. You will not go fast here until you get a feel for the blind corners.


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