Client Update – Valve

A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.


  • Updated internal web views to Chromium v65.0.3325.181
  • Improved responsiveness of the Steam client window when navigating the Library pane
  • Fixed some cases where friend tags could disappear until a client restart
  • Fixed several crash bugs found via automated crash reporting

Big Picture

  • Fixed an issue where multiple button presses were required to back out of a Settings page
  • Fixed the clock bug which caused the time to appear truncated on som…

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed an issue which caused the web browser to stop working in certain games
  • Fixed screenshots for games built with Unreal Engine 4 in OpenGL mode
  • Fixed some OpenGL API errors triggered by the Steam In-Game Overlay
  • Fixed a crash in some Vulkan apps when hiding the overlay or resizing windows

Steam Input

  • Enabled the Steam Controller BLE FW Update, for more information visit here:
  • Added Switch Pro Controller Support – More info can be found here:
  • Of note with Switch Pro bindings – you should use the global Nintendo Layout setting to determine your preferred layout rather than manually moving the face buttons around. This will make it easier to share configurations with other users who prefer a reversed A/B layout.
  • Added support for the NACON Revolution Pro 2 PS4 controller
  • Modified Steam Input to take hardware update rate of specific controllers into account when checking for input. Other improvements to the polling loop also reduce jitter and improve mouse emulation.
  • PS4 Controllers which are plugged in while already being connected wirelessly will now be ignored.
  • Fixed input lag when starting Big Picture or starting streaming
  • Fixed a second controller showing up briefly in games when hot-plugging a controller
  • Changed the layout of the Polish On-screen Keyboard based on user feedback – the Polish Programmer’s keyboard layout is now used instead of the standard Polish keyboard.
  • Fixed areas of the Steam Input Configurator where the length of the Polish localized text would cause settings to overflow past the visible portion of the screen.
  • Updated the Steam Input API button glyph images
  • Improved behavior of joystick auto-calibration
  • Improved handling of controller configuration when the Steam Overlay is disabled
  • Improved software gyro drift correction
  • Added Gyro Enable Button Toggle. The button assigned to enable the gyro can now act as a toggle to the state rather than a hold.
  • Added button for calibrating gyro only without doing joystick calibration
  • Fixed a bug where newly added modes didn’t always have their default settings set properly to reflect their device or placement
  • Fixed cached controller configurations sometimes getting used on an incorrect controller when controllers were being removed and added
  • Fixed Gyro Enable Button dropdown having appropriate options for each controller type
  • Fixed Generic Direct Input controllers which had no guide button assigned automatically using the Back/Select button


  • Fixed corrupted graphics when running on Windows 10 with desktop scaling set to 225% or higher


  • Fixed chat windows not appearing when clicking on the dock icon


  • Fixed a bug where trying to re-add old Steam Library folders to the client would fail with an error about the filesystem not being mounted with execute permissions
  • Fixed a common cause of games getting stuck when bringing up the overlay
  • Fixed a problem where trying to resize the client window would sometimes snap back to the original size
  • Fixed incorrect/rainbow colors when streaming from the desktop of a machine running recent Mesa
  • Fixed low resolution in Big Picture mode due to incorrect video memory detection on Mesa

Steam Link and In-Home Streaming

  • Added support for connecting to locked Windows computers, as long as Steam is running and you have access to a keyboard.
  • Added support for interrupting a remote desktop session. Connecting will show the login screen when an RDP session is active, and logging in will disconnect RDP and start streaming the desktop normally.
  • Removed the splash animation when launching Big Picture via Steam Link
  • Re-added Restart/Suspend/Shutdown menu options when streaming to Steam Link
  • Fixed black/green video for games using Unreal Engine 4 in OpenGL mode
  • Fixed upside-down video for some OpenGL titles
  • Changed behavior to remain in Big Picture mode if streaming is disconnected while a game is still playing

Last Updated April 4, 2018 with additional fixes.


  • Reduced CPU usage of Steam when redrawing the UI, such as when the mouse is moved back and forth over part of the Library view
  • Improved behavior when re-installing from retail discs or backup files, preferring to avoid downloads whenever possible
  • Fixed an issue where corrupt workshop items could be re-downloaded endlessly
  • Fix for new Steam Workshop item requests not being downloaded due to the “Only Allow Auto-Updates During Specific Hours” feature being enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game overlay could crash or become unresponsive in some Vulkan-based games
  • Improved some cases where chat text was incorrectly treated as a clickable URL when it should not have been
  • Fixed an issue where games could no longer be launched in offline mode if Steam had previously started or scheduled an update
  • Fixed a crash when packets in a UDP connection were malformed in a particular way. Thanks to Tom Court from Context Information Security for reporting this issue.
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed bugs preventing workshop items or newly installed DLC from showing up on the downloads page
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed some rare crash-on-start bugs reported via support tickets


  • Added high-DPI monitor support when running under Windows 10 with the 2017 Creators Update
  • Added a checkbox under Settings – Interface to disable high-DPI scaling (applies to Win10 only)
  • Added window transition animations when opening, closing, or minimizing Steam windows
  • Improved taskbar handling of Steam windows on multi-monitor systems
  • Added detection and support for exFAT-formatted drives
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed low-quality library grid images under Windows 8.1 and previous operating systems
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed incorrect mouse cursors when resizing windows in the overlay


  • Added support for turning off or restarting the system from Big Picture mode
  • Improved native OS integration of Steam client windows. For example, Steam windows can now be dragged up past the menu bar to trigger the Spaces UI.
  • Improved reliability of the Steam Input and Streaming Audio drivers for macOS
  • Added a custom kernel driver for Sony DS4 controllers which allows use with Steam Input when connected over Bluetooth
  • Improved checks for case-sensitive APFS file systems. The Steam client only supports case-insensitive file systems on macOS, and will continue to warn users when running with an incompatible file system
  • 4-4-2018: Added support for restoring Steam Controller firmware when the controller has gone into recovery mode


  • Added a 2X-scaling mode with high-res text and graphics when running the Steam client in desktop mode on 4k-resolution monitors. You can also force 2X scaling with the “GDK_SCALE=2” environment variable, or disable it with “GDK_SCALE=1”.
  • Added a checkbox under Settings – Interface to disable 2X scaling regardless of environment variables.
  • Improved window-resizing interactions with the window manager
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam client could prevent some desktop sessions from shutting down

Big Picture

  • Fixed a browser hang when a web page transitions to or from full-screen mode

Steam Input

  • Added “Exit Application” controller action. When this action is used within a game, it will prompt the user if they actually want to quit and if confirmed will immediately close the application.
  • Added Chorded Press Activator. The Chorded Press Activator requires another input to be active for it to fire. This can be combined with other activators and either interrupt them or not based on those activators settings. So a regular press can optionally fire or not based on the chorded state, while a long press can optionally interrupt both for example. Chords require the chord button to be pressed first to activate (like shift or control would on a keyboard).
  • Added the ability to unique-ify configurations across Xbox and generic controllers. While the actual hardware cannot be differentiated, we treat them as unique controllers based on connection order. So if they elect to use unique configurations, configurations will be applied based on first, second, third, etc. identical controller.
  • Added hardware Joystick Calibration section in Controller Settings. This allows customizing the controller joystick deadzone on a per-controller, per joystick basis. There is an auto-calibration system that attempts to determine the ideal deadzone, as well as manual sliders for overriding those values. As Xbox controllers can’t be differentiated beyond type, they will only rely on controller order. Different device types, such as an Xbox One vs and Xbox One S controller, will be differentiated.
  • Made previewing state much more obvious when previewing a configuration.
  • Opted-In 3rd party controllers will now detect launchers and use a launcher specific configuration that is the same as opted-out controllers.
  • Improved compatibility with PS4 controller remapping programs – controllers no longer need to be reconnected when starting/exiting those programs. Also users will get a warning dialog if they are launching a game which is using the Steam Input API to support PS4 controllers while a remapper is running.
  • Fixed a bug where non-Steam games would use a desktop configuration when streaming if the controller wasn’t opted into Steam Input support.
  • Fixed using non-tracked gamepads in SteamVR’s Big Picture Mode overlay
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode’s Disk Management screen to accept gamepad/keyboard input on the disk selection dropdown
  • Fixed stuttering in some games due to excessive rumble updates
  • Fixed non-Steam games not being able to take screenshots from the controller
  • Fixed several layer bugs related to change layer bindings
  • Added a mouse movement threshold when determining if the Guide button is being used for a chord or to hold down the button to bring up the Big Picture menu
  • Fixed various On-Screen Keyboard issues including Non-Steam Controller dual cursor mode, improved language accent and modifier key support, and input immediately upon invocation
  • Made Controller Options always visible in the Big Picture Mode library page, even when no controller is currently active; users will be prompted to connect a controller if none can be found.
  • Fixed navigating multiple action sets via the bumper buttons when previewing a controller configuration
  • Fixed a case where the Big Picture Mode overlay could receive input when not active
  • 4-4-2018: Allowed the use of touch/radial menus in native-controller-support games without going into Advanced settings
  • 4-4-2018: Added support for displaying Mouse Regions in the Big Picture Mode Controller HUD for all input sources. The regions are either circular or rectangular matching the input source.
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed issues where layers would have incorrect settings or UI in native-controller-support games
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed an issue where an erroneous dialog would prompt the user to migrate configurations

In-Home Streaming

  • Fixed AMD hardware capture support on R9 200/300 cards

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