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Released May 8th Update

  1. J-F ChardonSector3 ProducerDeveloper

    We continue our series of updates aimed at deploying cars for the various eras of the
    Mercedes‐AMG Motorsport eRacing Competition.Today’s update adds the AMG-Mercedes C-Klasse DTM 1995 that you will be able to drive during round 3. The leaderboard qualifier opens 14th May 2018!The opening event took place a couple of days ago and featured intense racing! You can watch it on Mercedes-Benz’ YouTube channel :

    But it isn’t all! Today we’re also giving you a great list of modifications and new features that were among the most requested ones. Check this out:


    • Pitstop menu now automatically confirms the requested changes upon entering the pitlane.
    • Added an input meter graph showing steering and pedals axes and a keybinding to toggle it on/off from the HUD. It was made to also be working in replays and render no matter the camera. Position and scale of this new HUD element are up to user’s preferences through hud_options.xml. Default has been aligned with FFB meter.
    • Added a “Fixed Setup” option to dedicated servers. When enabled, players are only allowed to modify the fuel and the brake pressure.
    • Added support for upcoming “Fixed Setup” time attack competitions.
    • Cockpit steering animation setting now has an extra option to render the steering wheel in a static position. Useful for cars featuring a data display on the steering wheel (ie. BMW M235i Racing or Formula cars)
    • Added more data to Dedicated server results .json: StartPosition, StartPositionInClass were added to Session. Sector Times, PositionInClass and a boolean stating if the lap was valid or not were added to Lap.
    • Updated to libcef 3.3282.1742 / Chromium 64.0.3282.119. Should help with certain crash reports and users reporting black screens.
    • Game now waits a full minute for http requests and ghost uploads after some users reported failed upload of leaderboard entries.
    • Changed so laps completed, invalid laps & best lap time statistics are not sent to the backend if cut track rules are disabled.
    • Changed so driving at high speed on grass (ie: on the side of a straight) now triggers a yellow flag event.
    • Changed so a car causing a yellow flag event is allowed to overtake other cars inside the yellow zone.
    • Fixed LED’s of the Fanatec CSL Elite that were lighting up by group of 3 instead of 1 by 1.
    • Fixed a bounce of the vehicle that could be observed with certain cars upon spawning on track.
    • Fixed a case where some users would still receive penalties upon spawning on the starting grid.
    • AI – Fixed a reported game crash related to DRS / PTP zones.
    • AI – Fixed a case where AI would sometimes be caught pitting before the pitlane opened.
    • AI – Added some variations to their tyre management to increase pitstop strategy differences.
    • VR – Added a loop for VR initialization so it tries 3 times before returning failure. In case it’s just a temporary error.
    • VR – Fixed an issue where some system chat messages could not be seen (such as “user has joined the server” messages)
    • VR – Fixed a reported game crash
    • VR – Fixed an issue where the head position would move erratically when transiting to another racing session.
    • Tweaks to the revlimiter code to get more of a dogtooth effect in the rpm.
    • Tweaks to pitlane speed limiter to reduce some bouncing over the speed limit in certain cars. Just like in a real car, it is recommended to not apply full throttle while on limiter.
    • Tweaks to the slow-down penalty messages to make it more explicit that the user has to give up a certain time advantage.

    Sounds, cameras, physics & AI:

    • All Tracks – Tweaked AI pace in qualifying versus race
    • Audi RS 3 LMS – Triple screen cockpit camera is now properly positioned
    • Formula RaceRoom 2 – Tweaks to AI braking ability to better match player’s
    • Formula RaceRoom U.S. – Sound adjustments to the idle and low revs
    • Mistral M530 – Improvements to cockpit sounds
    • Nordschleife – Fixed AI scraping the apex guardrail during a race start on the Nordschleife layout
    • RedBull Ring – Tweaks to cut corridors
    • Sachsenring – Tweaks to cut corridors
    • Silverstone – Fixed AI braking in an unsafe manner to enter the pitlane
J-F Chardon

J-F Chardon Sector3 ProducerDeveloper

In preparation for the opening race of the Mercedes‐AMG Motorsport eRacing Competition, we have updated the game client with the following changes:Game:

  • Spectator mode: Fixed an issue where the race start countdown lights would show at the end of a race and remain visible in the second race session.


  • All DTM cars from 2013 to 2016 now have 360 degrees driver animations
  • Audi RS 3 LMS – esport livery updated
  • Imola – Pitlane limit is now properly set to 80 kph
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R – Fixed an issue with the car receiving engine damage from a frontal impact.
  • Sachsenring – Updated with new pitwall sponsor, slight camber adjustments, and a surface review.
  • Sepang – Fixed a hole in the ground where cars could sometimes get stuck.
  • Spa-Francorchamps – Reviewed track surface between Les Combes and the chicane.
  • Volvo S60 WTCC – Fixed an issue where driver was seen clipping through his seat from external cameras.
  • Zakspeed Capri – Attempt to fix an issue where the tail lights would not be rendered with transparency on a ghosted car on certain configurations.
  • Zhuhai – Performance optimizations
This server-side update deployed the following tweaks to car physics:
  • Audi TT cup – suspension and handling tweaks, modified the default setup to have front toe out and a softer front anti-roll bar.
  • Formula RaceRoom U.S. – Fixed an issue where the car would sometimes miss gearshifts by reducing drivetrain elasticity, also tweaked the torque curve and modified the turbo boost.
  • GTR 3 car class – BOP adjustments based on performances recorded since last adjusts. Tweaks to standing start launch logic so starting abilities are equalized for all the cars. Reduced drivetrain elasticity of all cars.
  • Porsche Cayman Clubsport – suspension tweaks and reduced drivetrain elasticity.
  • New
    Here are what changes were made to the GTR3 BOP:

    • GTR3 car class – BOP revisions:
      • C7-GT3R +4hp;
      • Nissan GTR +2hp;
      • Ford GT +1.5hp & added some more front downforce;
      • Bentley +2hp
      • BMW M6 – Suspension was started again from scratch
    • All cars in the GTR3 car class

Reduced drivetrain oscillations

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